Saturday, May 29, 2010


"L"- This week has been very stressful both with finishing out the school year and wrapping up my masters class. I continue to learn a lot of new things. This week, I have been able to compile a few professional developments that I would like to work on in the following months/year and have learned several different routes/avenues I can take in order to acquire these professional developments. I have also learned that even though I can use my knowledge while attending Rio Salado and some of my past teaching experiences, I still have a ton of work ahead of me in order to create and complete a professional put together portfolio for PSU by the required deadline.


"K"- I know what my portfolio for Plymouth State University should now include as far as the artifacts that will show my different course competencies. I also know how my portfolio will be evaluated by others and what professional development opportunities I will include as part of my portfolio to help strengthen different areas I have identified in my portfolio. I also know what factors I will be including in my professional development plan.

"W"- I still want to know how I am going to put my portfolio all together once I have all the artifacts completed, I am mostly concerned and confused as to what technology format I should use to compile my portfolio. I am not very tech savvy so I would like to be able to use a format that is simple, user-friendly but will still have the professional appeal as a finished product.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week 7 "L"

This week I have continued to learn what I need to do to complete my portfolio for Plymouth State University. I have also started to learn how to demonstrate my competency in different courses without having access to my Signature Assignment that I created while attending Rio Salado. Also, this week I learned that I can take EPD233 through Rio Salado which is equivalent to EDU251 and will complete my SEI endorsement requirements. To be honest, the most exciting news was hearing that with being able to take EPD233 there was not a midterm nor a final required in that class.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"KW" Week 7

K- I am starting to know and understand a lot more about what is required for my Portfolio for Plymouth State University. I know what artifact I will be using for EDU285AA and EDU220. I also now know that I did not take EDU251 through Rio Salado but will take EPD233 which is comparable to EDU251 and will add the artifact for that class into my portfolio at a later date (hopefully by September or October at the latest). I also know that I will have to recreate my artifacts and try and use something I have done in my current or past teaching to satisfy what was required in the Signature Assignments. I have also learned that it is best to use your "best" work in the portfolio for Plymouth or if you use an artifact from the past but it does not necessarily demonstrate your best practices you will need to add on or revamp the artifact to be at its best. Finally, I know that each artifact needs to have a reflection piece attached that includes such things as the who, what, where and when surrounding the artifact, why you selected the artifact and how it demonstrates competence/knowledge for the course and how the artifact can promote changes and growth to improve teaching.

W- I still want to know what artifacts I will be using in place of the Signature Assignment for EDU285AC and EDU251. With EDU285AC, there is a CD needed to observe observations in the Beginning Weeks of School in the Primary, Middle and High School levels and since I finished this course over a year ago, I no longer have the CD’s to view. For EDU251, I am going to take EPD233 but I will need to find out when I can take that course and how I will then submit the artifact for the course after the final portfolio has already been submitted.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"L" for Week 6

L- I know understand the competencies I need to demonstrate when submitting my portfolio to Plymouth. I believe I will be looking at both the professional teaching standards as well as the Rio College Course competencies to complete my portfolio. I did finally update and complete a new resume. I am not 100% happy with my resume and will probably made some minor adjustments to it but it covers all the basics for now. My dad always told me that when he received numerous resumes for a job opening he only kept the one-page resumes and discarded the rest. I am not sure if this is correct but I have always tried to kept my resume concise, to the point and one-page in length.

Week 6 "KW"

K- I now know that reflection, organization and appearance are all crucial aspect’s to having a professional portfolio. These are also all relatively easy things to accomplish but are things that are also easy to skim on or forget about when working on your portfolio. I also know that as far as academic standards are concerned, Arizona has their own set of guidelines that are specific for each grade level and include such things as standards and PO’s. I have been working with the Arizona standards for a few years now but I am still learning how to interpret and teach to the different strands, standards and individual PO’s. For me at times, this can be more challenging because I teach a mix 7/8th grade ED class. I also know the true meaning of a portfolio and that it entails a purposeful collection of artifacts based upon a set of standards rather than simple a scrapbook of teaching memories.

W- I am pretty clear on what needs to be included in my portfolio but I still want to know how to demonstrate course competencies for the Rio classes in which I did not do a signature assignment in. I also want to know if I should be looking at the professional teaching standards or the Rio College Course competencies when completing my portfolio strictly for Plymouth or will I be using a combination of both to complete my portfolio. Finally, I am looking at starting to create an updated resume as the one I currently have is ten plus years old and was wondering if there is a program available that will help me create an updated resume.

Monday, May 10, 2010

"L" Week 5

After week 5 instruction, I have learned how important reflection is when teaching. I still don’t know if there are certain things that rank higher in the field of education for teachers to reflect upon but I am going to start by reflecting on the bigger things in my classroom and concentrating more on the "big" picture to start. Based on what I have learned about reflection and being a reflective teacher I would say that I am at the advanced beginner/competent notion as far as reflection is concerned. I recently have been concentrating more on long-term goals and become more effective at conscious deliberate planning. I have also learned that it is extremely important to reflect on your experiences and then decide what you can do to improve your teaching and your student’s learning. Another aspect I now understand and have learned in regards to reflective practice is the different practices there are such as, self-reflection, assessment of student learning and being able to make connections.